Our Story

Behind every great dog lover is a loving fur baby wagging their tail at the door, greeting them with love, kindness, and no expectations when a human comes home!

Hi, my name is Amber. King (Shinese) and Oreo (Shih-Tzu) are the fur babies behind my strength and resilience. I was born and raised in sunny California, the birthplace of luxury for pets! My love for dogs developed early on, and like most Angelenos, I cherish the cultivated partnership between humans & animals.

As a nurse, taking care of others and their health is my priority. That drive to care and nurture extends to my fur babies as well. When my babies started having stomach issues, I tried the different brands and options. Still, all the claims fell flat and gave my dogs allergies, skin, and gastrointestinal issues.

Unlike humans, our fur babies can not tell us what hurts them, and unlike feral animals, domesticated pets only have the food choices their owners present them. So I felt incredible sadness for my puppies when I realized the food I was providing them at the time was causing them harm. So I said enough is enough and took things into my hands, making treats in my kitchen for my babies specific needs.

My goal was to use 100% organic human-grade ingredients sourced from farmers who practice sustainable and humane practices. With that concept, Ambeezy's Organic was born.

It gives me peace of mind knowing that my treats contain nutritious and organic ingredients that meet strict standards and values. Now I know exactly what my pups are eating versus reading a label and being confused by all the additives and preservatives. That is why my ingredients are pure and simple.

Healthy, nourishing food is my love language, and I find more joy in sharing my love and healthy treats with our fur community!